Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Free Books!  Mrs Gillian has let us have two books each that she no longer wants in the school library.  They are in our school bags tonight.  Thanks Mrs Gillian, we love our books.

We enjoyed having our Pre-School friends to visit again this morning.  We showed them in Rooms 2,3 and 4 which will be the Year 1 classrooms next year.  We hope that they all have a nice Christmas and a happy birthday in the holidays. 

Today we learned how to play dominoes.  Well done Red Room.

Look!  Ned has made the number four out of dominoes!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Waterslide Fun

Some children were brave and some were not!

Monday, 16 December 2013


Congratulations Red Room and Caernarvon Room on a great show today.  You were wonderful.

Mrs Claus gave us a lollipop.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Red Room Update

Our Junior Show is on Tuesday afternoon and it starts pretty promptly at 1:30 p.m.  Get here early to get a good seat!  The junior syndicate will sing songs and classes will present an item.  We are performing with Caenaravon room.  

 Everyone is to wear Christmas colours on Tuesday - red, green, gold.  If Oliver, Harvey and Tylah have a Santa hat to bring, that would be great.  But don't go and buy one if you don't as we have a few here.

Ned needs black gumboots. 

Otherwise I think between Margie and myself we have everything that we need.

What have we been learning this week:
  • Safe walking with Constable Beth and Kirsty 
  • About the letter S 
  • To look at the picture for clues when reading 
  • To read left to right
  • To point to the words as we read
  • The word 'to' and revising 'the'  
  • To write the number 4 and revise 5
  • Ordering numbers to 10
  • Finger patterns to 10 on our fingers
  • Counting a set of objects
  • Pairs of numbers that make 5 
  • Recognizing a missing number on a number line to 10 and stating that it is 'before or after' a number

We are still busy working with our Room 3 and Caenaravon room friends and Thursday we enjoy having our Pre-School friends to visit in the morning.

We have virtually finished our 'Flora and Fauna' topic, although we have been doing puppets with kiwi, stoat and possum characters with Caenaravon room.

Otherwise we have been learning words to lots of songs and having assembly practices!  Well done children.  You try very hard.

Have a lovely weekend Red Room children.

Our Thursday Visitors

We had 15 children come for a school visit on Thursday.  We enjoyed having them. 
Hugo is reading his reading book to Lido and Thomasin.

Willi is a super reader.

Ruby has a captive audience.

Evie is looking at Lucia's alphabet card.

Oliver reads the balloon story.  Did you see our balloon sentence on the red room wall?

Tylah is reading to Jack.

Jacob enjoys having Harvey read to him.

Great finger pointing Ned.

We also shared our published stories folder with our friends.

Ruby reads her 'click' cards.

Fabulous pointing Willi.

The girls work together to do a puzzle.

The boys are playing 'SNAP!'

Rachael and Ned do a Buzz Lightyear puzzle.

The boys worked together to do this tricky puzzle.

Isla and Tylah made the puzzle and then ordered them from 1-10.

Great job Girls!

See you again next Thursday everyone!